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Now is the moment to unwind, relax,  release stress, and establish a meaningful connection witinin

Blue Lagoon
90 mins              $99

Get ready to experience the therapeutic healing power of water! Relax while together we awaken and activate your state of self-remembrance. Sound vibrations are created and echoed throughout your entire being allowing you to surrender to the process. Feel the vibrational resonance and cosmic communication that can be shared from your inner being when you consciously connect with water in this intimate way. No need to know how to swim, as you are fully supported at all times during the session. Are you ready to float in the river of your own divine consciousness?

AuraU (1).png
2 hours      $185

Experience this essential self-care indulgence , a spiritual cleanse that your physical body will revel in! With AuraU, bid farewell to the accumulation of negative energies stemming from external forces. This ritual purifies and balances your auric and energetic fields, along with your physical form. Following this, a blend of herbal and essential oils is gently massaged into your skin, breathing new life into your entire essence. As a delightful finishing touch, savor a luscious chocolate mud wrap, adding a touch of decadence. And to cap it off, immerse yourself in the joyous play of a refreshing sea rinse!

Chocolate Mud.jpeg
Chocolate Mud
one hour $130

This is an ancient ritual that consists of a generous application of organic mud, which comes from deep within the mountains of Talamanca, Costa Rica. It contains a natural blend of minerals, essential oils, and botanicals. The Chocolate Mud Cocoon is a nourishing way to treat yourself to a soothing experience! It was created to help detoxify, cleanse, firm, and soften the skin; as well as enhance its appearance.

Blissful Bamboo  
2 hours     $150

The Blissful Bamboo Experience finds its roots in ancient traditions, blending potent elements to evoke captivating sensations that bring about tranquility and serenity. This practice establishes a harmonious realm originating from within. Through its penetrating maneuvers and techniques, this encounter bestows profound well-being and elevates deep tissue massage to an unparalleled realm. Along the way, you'll experience surges of alignment, amplifying the wisdom of your innate divine essence!

Shamanic MaiThai
3 Hours      $185

The Shamanic Mai Thai embodies a spiritual awakening, a profound initiation into a healing ritual of deep reverence. This practice delves into the inner landscape of your most sacred sanctuary: your body, the vessel of your core essence. You are encouraged to set a deliberate intention as you surrender to this inner voyage. By doing so, you create space for lingering imprints of stagnant energy to dissipate. During this ceremonial sacred session, we seek your body’s permission to enter a sanctified realm as we invoke the language of the soul in conjunction with rhythm and breath. Influenced by these components this allows for exploration of various facets of your physical body giving you the opportunity to engage with emotions that frequently lay repressed or even dormant within your cells.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-05 at 19.31.09_8bab59bd.jpg
2 hours  $150

This is an ancient and sacred offering that stimulates the self-healing power of your body. The stones are used as sacred tools to help you sense the resonance of incoming information co-creating a resonant field. This resonance allows the attunement of higher vibrational frequencies to penetrate your body. The heated stones not only help to release tension and improve functions to stimulate organ activity; it is also an ultra-relaxing and harmonizing experience. This transpersonal approach also works with the subconscious mind, it opens pathways to melt away emotional wounds, stress, and anxiety.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-05 at 19.31.08_08e5b66f.jpg
The Magic Bags
90 mins $150

Our bodies are intricate vessels, concealing inner elements beyond our perception. The Magic Bags offering plays a crucial role in directing energy flow within the body. Using pouches filled with gentle warmth and natural ingredients like herbs, seeds, leaves, roots, rice, and sand, this technique tenderly embraces the entire physique. Its purpose is to rebalance the body's energy, enhance blood circulation, and ease discomfort associated with muscles and joints. Beyond the surface, The Magic Bags cultivates a deep sense of harmony. These pouches can be customized to suit your specific needs.

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-05 at 19.31.09_6415ab41.jpg
Ionic Cleanse
75 mins   $65

The Ionic Cleanse initiates with an ionic foot detox, aiding in the elimination of heavy metals, cellular debris, and various toxins from the body. This amplifies the body's innate detoxification mechanism. Subsequently, the feet then undergo a soothing bath infused with a sea salt scrub and delightful fruit wash to follow. As an extra treat, the experience is enriched with the Stonehenge treatment, applied to the legs and feet. This approach will undoubtedly help you rejuvenate and unwind while undergoing this type of detoxification. 

 a healer is someone who awakens &  amplifies
your  own ability to heal from within.

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