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You have your choice of sacred one-day or multi-day retreat experiences!  These are all life-changing activation experiences created to assist with the release of emotional trauma, stuck patterns, and energetic blockages stored in the unconscious mind and your body's cellular memory. These experiences are all strategically designed to help you reset, rediscover, and reconnect to your higher self and pure existence!  

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Half day session


Earthen is a sacred session that facilitates the integration and authentic connection between the body, mind, and spirit. It significantly reduces and can eliminate the stress that comes with modern-day living. It can also have a potent effect on your general well-being. This day retreat includes the Shamanic Maithai + AuraU cleanse + sound bath + foot detox + a Nutritious & healthy lunch. The results are real and long-lasting. So be prepared for a life  changing experience!



One or two day session


Metamorphosis is only for those who seek a profoundly transformative sacred retreat style experience, but don't have several days to spend to receive it. This one to two day retreat facilitates your overall spiritual health, emotional, and physical well being by uprooting things held in the caverns of your unconscious mind, bringing them to the surface to clear the discordance and recreate harmony within your total self. This retreat package includes Cranial  Sacral + yoga Nidra + Breathwork + blue lagoon/Watsu +Shamanic MaiThai + acupuncture + lunch. The medicine of this sacred experience is simply phenomenal!



Five days *For couples Only


Why fall back in love when you can Rise in it? 


The intention of this retreat is to offer a sacred space where couples can rebuild, strengthen, and/or revive your relationship. Cosmic kiss is designed to help you unplug and discover ways to create a sacred, loving, and playful life together. It’s for you and your partner to experience healing your relationship. Cosmic kiss can also serve as a sort of preventative maintenance for your relationship.


Imagine spending uninterrupted time together, sacred bodywork, breath-work, relationship building activities, meditation, couples coaching, Kundalini  awakening, tantric touch, and numerous surprising intimate experiences together, all held in the breathtaking beauty of the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica!


This retreat offers a balance of fun, deep conversations, sacred experiences, and unparalleled relaxation. It is about deeply honoring who you authentically are. This work is a gift not only to yourself and your partner, but also to your relationships and your interactions with others. 

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inwards Journey



Inward Journeys are custom retreat creations that are extended multi-day packages. These are ideal for individuals, couples, and small groups. They include standard to luxury, accomodations, fun activities, incredible excursions, and a plethora of life changing sacred experiences. 


Contact us and let us know of your specific needs & desires. Together we will design an outstanding retreat package to remember!

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