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spiritual Healing Retreats

Beautiful Ocean

Signature Retreat experiences

The Signature Retreat Experience offers an abundance of opportunities for
self-discovery, relaxation, and personal growth. You can immerse yourself in
mindfulness practices, get swept away on soul-enriching excursions to explore the
beauty of nature, or engage in healing rituals and ceremonies that foster a deep sense
of connection with your inner self and the world around you.

These sacred healing retreats take you on a transformative journey, commencing with
profound rituals of purification and renewal. Think of it as a gentle unwinding of the
past burdens. From the moment you arrive, you are enveloped in an aura of tranquility.

These meticulously crafted retreats serve as keys, unlocking doors to emotional,
physical, and spiritual catharsis, liberating you from the weight of old, heavy, and toxic
energy. As the retreats unfold, you'll experience not only the literal lightness of your
being but also a shift that elevates your consciousness and deepens your divine
connection to self. Each sacred ritual becomes a guiding beacon, leading you towards a
remarkable transformation and reawakening on your inner journey.

My commitment to customization means that your individual journey and the
experiences you seek are highly prioritized.

I invite you to reach out, share your distinct requirements, aspirations, and dreams.
Through a collaborative and personalized approach, I will work closely with you to
curate an exceptional retreat package that aligns perfectly with your desires and
objectives. Your journey with The Sacred Technician promises to be a transformative
and memorable experience that leaves a lasting imprint on your heart and soul.

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Earthen Retreat

The Earthen experience is a journey that harmonizes and establishes a genuine unity among the body, mind, and spirit. It holds the power to diminish or even erase the stress accompanying contemporary life. Moreover, it can wield a profound influence on your overall state of well-being. This day-long retreat experience encompasses the purifying AuraU Cleanse, the transformative Shamanic Maithai session, a rejuvenating sound bath, a revitalizing foot detox, complimented with a nourishing, wholesome lunch. As an added bonus, you will also receive a couple of free gifts that further enhance your journey. The outcomes of Earthen are tangible and enduring, so brace yourself for a transformative encounter that can truly reshape your life!

Investment: $599 

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Transcendence Retreat

.Transcendence is exclusively designed for those who yearn for a deeply transformative and sacred retreat, but are constrained by time. Spanning over two days, this retreat orchestrates a thorough enhancement of your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. It delves into the depths of your unconscious, bringing suppressed elements to light, harmonizing your entire being. The exceptional retreat package incorporates vibrational bio-energetic acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, yoga nidra, sacred breathwork, the tranquil embrace of the Blue Lagoon, the potency of the Shamanic MaiThai experience, and overnight accommodations. The impact of this sacred journey is truly remarkable and awe-inspiring!

Two Day Session Investment: $799


Cosmic Kiss Couples Retreat 

Why settle for falling in love when you can elevate yourselves within it?


The Cosmic Kiss Couples Retreat is a sacred space for couples to reconnect, rebuild, or rekindle their relationships. This retreat is meticulously crafted to help you disconnect from the ordinary and discover ways to create a loving, sacred, and inspired life together.


The Cosmic Kiss Couples Retreat is an opportunity for you and your partner to set out on a journey of healing and growth together within your relationship. It can also serve as a form of proactive maintenance for your partnership.

During the retreat, you will immerse yourselves in uninterrupted quality time, sacred bodywork, breathwork, relationship-enhancing activities, meditation, couples coaching, Kundalini awakening, tantric touch, and a plethora of unexpected intimate encounters. All of these experiences will take place in the awe-inspiring setting of Panama City or breathtaking rainforests of Costa Rica.


The Cosmic Kiss Couples Retreat seamlessly blends joy, fun deep conversation, sacred experiences, and unparalleled relaxation. With ingredients like these, your relationship is destined to flourish (and even sizzle a little) leaving you both with a delightful and profound taste of pure bliss and happiness.


But that's not all...

For those seeking an even more exclusive and extraordinary experience, we now offer the option to host this transformative retreat on a luxurious vessel, cruising along the serene waters of Taboga Island or the Pearl Islands of Panama. Imagine the gentle sway of a ocean vessel, the two of you together, and the soothing sound of the water enhancing your connection with nature and yourself. Of course, this extraordinary option does come with an added investment, covering the exclusive use of the vessel and its amenities, guaranteeing an unparalleled and serene experience.


The outcomes of the retreat, whether on land or aboard, are tangible and enduring. So, whether you decide  the Earth's embrace on solid ground or opt for the serene ambiance of an elegant vessel, brace yourself for a transformative encounter that can truly reshape your life!

Investment: Starting at $4999

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Earthen Retreat
Transcendence Retreat
Cosmic Kiss Couples Retreat 
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