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Our Path to Spiritual Healing Begins with Self Discovery


Healing takes place on multiple levels in a myriad of forms. Our well-being isn't confined to just the physical. It's a harmonious interplay of our emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical selves. True healing, is about restoring balance across these interconnected layers.

As The Sacred Technician I believe in holistic approaches that nurture your physical health, cultivate emotional resilience, sharpen your mental focus, and awaken your spiritual connection.

This multi-faceted approach allows you to experience healing as a harmonizing experience, where each element plays its part in creating a more vibrant, integrated you.

Zen Garden

My Offerings


Swimming in Bikini

Sonic Sanctuary Float

90 min session


Surrender to the healing & therapeutic power of water! We will journey through the jungle on a meditative nature walk to a secluded waterfall, connecting with and honoring nature's spirits. Allow the sights and sounds of the jungle to prepare you for a profound experience. Imagine the serenity of floating effortlessly and the soothing caresses of the river water. No swimming experience necessary - you'll be fully supported throughout the session. This isn't just relaxation; it's a portal to inner peace, reduced anxiety, improved sleep, and a renewed sense of well-being. Are you ready to float in the river of 

Divine Consciousness?

AuraU cleanse

Two hour session


This necessary self-care indulgence is a spiritual scrub that cleanses that your body will love! The AuraU Cleanse  begins with a detoxifying volcanic sand & sea salt scrub, powerful tools that wipes away the onslaught of negative energies that attach to us from various outside influences. Next herbal and essential oils are massaged into your skin with bamboo sticks, releasing tension and restoring balance. Then a decadent chocolate mud wrap further purifies and nourishes your skin, leaving you feeling revitalized. To complete this delicious experience, enjoy a delightful & playful rinse in the sea!

Chocolate Goddess Mud Wrap

90 min session


This incredible journey begins with a blissful bamboo massage, its rhythmic strokes melting away tension and preparing your skin for the ultimate chocolate delight. Next, a generous application of rich, organic mud, sourced from the depths of the Talamanca mountains. As its natural minerals and botanicals detoxify, firm, and nourish your skin. This is more than just a mud wrap; it's a personalized experience that will leave you feeling radiant, renewed, and deeply connected to your inner goddess. Ready for your Chocolate Goddess Mud Wrap?

Book your session today!

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Blissful Bambú Experiencia

Two hour session


The Blissful Bambú Experiencia is rooted in ancient origins. It has beneficial combinations that offer incredible sensations that gives rise to tranquility and peace. It opens a field of harmony from within. As you surrender to the process you allow stuck patterns of stagnant energy to dissipate and dissolve. This provides a deep sense of well-being with its penetrating maneuvers and takes deep tissue massage to a whole new level. Waves of alignment can be felt during this experience. 

Book your Blissful Bambu Experience today!

Shamanic Mai Thai

Two hour session 


The Shamanic Mai Thai is a sacred ceremony for spiritual activation. Release past burdens and reconnect with your deepest self. Through a combination of breathwork, rhythmic movement, and gentle guided exploration, you'll gain the power to gently access and release emotions that may be stored within the cellular

memory of your body. This profound experience offers a reset for your soul. This isn't just therapy; it's a deep opening and a powerful path to healing. Are you ready to begin your Shamanic MaiThai transformation?


Two hour session


This ancient healing practice uses warm stones as sacred tools to melt away tension, improve circulation, and reduce stress. The warmth penetrates your muscles, easing aches and pains while promoting deep relaxation. This deep relaxation stimulates your body's natural healing response. The experience transcends the physical, working with the subconscious mind to release emotional burdens and restore inner harmony.  Rediscover a sense of balance and well-being. Get your Stonehenge today!

 Welcome to a Sanctuary for Your Soul


Are you feeling out of balance?  Perhaps you're yearning for a deeper connection?  Or maybe you just need a break to relax, unplug, destress, and recharge.  I invite you to come and experience a true sanctuary for your soul here in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica!


Here in this beautiful little town is where the jungle meets the ocean. You can reconnect with yourself with personalized experiences designed to support you along your healing journey; whether it's spiritual awakening, detoxification & cleansing, emotional healing, relaxation, or realignment with your higher self.


As The Sacred Technician, I innerrstand that life can be busy and I cater to busy individuals seeking a potent reset and offer a variety of flexible retreat options to fit your schedule. Choose from one-day experiences for a quick reset, two-day immersions for focused healing and release, or multi-day experiences for a deeper transformation.


In addition to retreats, powerful individual therapies are also offered to address specific needs and support your ongoing journey.


If you’re ready to begin your transformation, explore my retreat options or schedule a consultation to discuss personalized therapy.  Discover the path to wholeness that's right for you!

 transformational spiritual retreats

Rock in Sand